School Self Evaluation 2021-2022

This year we began a new cycle of School Self-Evaluation (SSE) process and it is appropriate at this time that we provide a quick summary of our current status in relation to SSE.

Our SSE process works in tandem with our DEIS action planning process. SSE and DEIS action planning have a shared focus on improving students’ educational experiences and outcomes.

The SSE process is a step by step approach which focuses on improving teaching and learning in the classroom. The SSE process is relevant to all action planning for improvement, including DEIS action planning. In particular, the SSE process helps examine the impact of classroom activity on all DEIS themes.

In our three previous SSE, a whole school approach to literacy and numeracy adopted as follows:

Focus of SSE

Dates of implementation of the 3 year plan

Method of ongoing monitoring and evaluation


September 2014-June 2017

DEIS Literacy Planning Group meetings and Subject Department meetings


September 2015- June 2018

DEIS Numeracy Planning Group meetings and Subject Department meetings

Learning Intentions and Success Criteria

September 2021- June 2024

DEIS Literacy Planning Group meetings and Subject Department meetings


This is a report of the SSE and the reflective exercise undertaken between October 2021 and December 2021 to determine the focus for SSE September 2021- June 2024

Evaluation Focus

The focus of the evaluation was Learning Intentions and Success Criteria.

Evidence for the Findings of the Evaluation

The findings of the current SSE of Learning Intentions and Success Criteria are based on the results from:

  • Student Survey 2021
  • Parents Survey 2021
  • DEIS Report 2016
  • Subject Department Meetings
  • DEIS Planning group meetings
  • School Review May 2022

The Findings

Students reported that two of the main factors which influence their learning were:

  • Active methodologies in lessons.
  • Sharing of learning intentions and success criteria during each lesson.

Students summarised the characteristics of a good learner as:

  • Someone who participates
  • Someone who asks questions
  • Someone who can work on their own

Students recommended that:

  • Teachers share the lesson intentions at the start of each lesson

Parents observed that:

  • Parents commented that they felt that teaching throughout the school is good.

Summary of School Self- Evaluation Findings

The school has strengths in the following’s areas:

  • The school provides a broad and balanced curriculum and makes every effort to meet the needs of the students.
  • Improving literacy skills is very high priority in the school.
  • In relation to DEIS planning and SSE, specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound (SMART) targets have been set and appropriate strategies identified in all areas.
  • The strategies used by the school to address DEIS themes are wide ranging and effective with the students’ welfare, development, inclusion and equality of opportunity as the focus.
  • A positive atmosphere permeates and there are very good interpersonal relationships among all members of the school community.
  • There is effective use of active teaching methodologies and AfL techniques in various subject departments.

The following areas are prioritised for improvement:

  • Prioritised for improvement in attendance, retention, exam attainment, literacy, numeracy and partnership with parents and others are fully detailed in the DEIS plan which is our School Improvement Plan.
  • The use of Learning Intentions and Success Criteria during each lesson.
  • Digital learning requires further improvement in the school. Students enjoy using IT and having access to their work in TEAMS.
  • The school requires further improvement in the ICT infrastructure and the school has provided ongoing training and support for staff.
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