School Self Evaluation 2022-2023 

This year we began a new cycle of School Self-Evaluation (SSE) process and it is appropriate at this time that we provide a quick summary of our current status in relation to SSE. 

Our SSE process works in tandem with our DEIS action planning process. SSE and DEIS action planning have a shared focus on improving students’ educational experiences and outcomes. This document is a support for our DEIS plan. LAOS feature are outlined in our DEIS Plan.

The SSE process is a step-by-step approach which focuses on improving teaching and learning in the classroom. The SSE process is relevant to all action planning for improvement, including DEIS action planning. In particular, the SSE process helps examine the impact of classroom activity on all DEIS themes. 

In our other previous SSE, a whole school approach to Learning Intentions and Success Criteria was adopted as follows: 

Focus of SSE

Dates of implementation of the 3-year plan

Method of ongoing monitoring and evaluation 

Learning Intentions and Success Criteria 

September 2021- June 2024

All DEIS Planning Group meetings and Subject Department meetings


September 2022- June 2025

All DEIS Planning Group meetings, Subject Department meetings and Ethos Core Team.

Ethos is linked to Wellbeing (appendix 1). Circular 0056/2022 requires schools to use the SSE process to initiate a wellbeing promotion review and development cycle by 2025. In support of this process Coláiste Aindriú has engaged in a PLC Ethos Project with Kilkenny Carlow ETB and an Ethos project with ETBI and DCU. The focus for this year SSE strand is Ethos.

Coláiste Aindriú Ethos Lead: Stephen Preston

Ethos Core Team: Stephen Preston (Ethos Lead)

Sharon Coffey (Principal)

Niamh Hickey (Deputy Principal)


This is a report of the SSE and the reflective exercise undertaken between October 2022 and April 2023 to determine the focus for SSE September 2022- June 2025.

Evaluation Focus 

The focus of the evaluation was Ethos.  

School Context 

  • Coláiste Aindriú is a Non-Designated Community College of Kilkenny Carlow Education Training Board (KCETB). The school provides post-primary programmes to male and female students. 
  • The school participates in Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools (DEIS), the Department of Education and Skills action plan for educational inclusion. 
  • The school also participates in the School Completion Programme. The school also has a Home School Liaison Programme Coordinator (HSCL). The school shares HSCL with another post-primary school in the area. 
  • The following curricular programmes are offered: Junior Cycle, Junior Certificate School Programme, Leaving Certificate and Transition Year. 
  • Enrolment has steadily been increasing over the last four years as highlighted in the table below:

Evidence for the Findings of the Evaluation 

The findings of the current SSE of Ethos are based on the results from:

  • Student Survey 2022
  • Parents Survey 2022
  • Senior Leadership Survey 2022
  •  Board of Management Survey 2022
  • Subject Department Meetings 
  • DEIS Planning group meetings. 

Summary of findings

The school has strengths in the following’s areas:

  • Students have a strong understanding of our school values.
  • The majority of students stated they felt cared about in school.
  • Must students have stated bullying was not tolerated in our school.
  • Students feel welcome in the school.
  • All students stated they had friends in the school.
  • All students stated they have the same opportunity as anyone else to take part in school activities.
  • Students are aware of what is going on in school.
  • Parents stated students are cared for in school and the school promotes their wellbeing.
  • Parents stated the school tries to work with parents for the benefit of the school.
  • Parents report that there is effective communication on student progress.

The following areas are prioritised for improvement: 

  • Students stated they didn’t have an awareness of the ethos of the school and the patron’s framework.
  • Some students stated that they didn’t have a adult to talk to when they are in difficulty.
  • Students stated that the images on the walls didn’t reflect them.
  • Students want to be asked their opinion more in class.
  • Students also want to be asked more about decisions in the school.
  • Students report they would like an induction programme in the school.
  • Parents reported that further improvements were required on the Code of Behaviour.
  • Parents want more information on the supports that are available for their child.

Legislative and Regulatory Requirements

All legislative and regulatory requirements have been addressed (See Appendix 3) 


A summary of this SSE report and a summary of the DEIS Action Plan will be published by the Board of Management in June 2023


The DEIS Action Plan was ratified by the Board in 2022 and will be reviewed in June 2023.  

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