Principal's Welcome

Our school has been on a journey of continued improvements and development over recent years. The school has served its local community for nearly 60 years. Although we sit in the same building, it is not the same educational experience that it used to be. The school is currently redefining itself, to ensure we provide the best 21st century learning experience for our students. It is my hope that through our website, prospectus, social media and visits to our school that you will see the impact of these developments.

We are a relativity small school and we enjoy the advantages this brings:

1. We know and understand our students, including their social, emotional and academic needs.

2. Students know their teachers leading to strong and positive relationships focused on mutual respect.

3. As a school, we have high expectations which helps to develop the full potential of each student.

4. We were recently awarded the School of Distinction from Trinity College Dublin. The award recognises our endeavors to provide a 21st century learning experience for our students.

Our work at Coláiste Aindriú is focused on our five core values: Excellence in Education; Care; Equality; Community and Respect. Coláiste Aindriú provides a fully inclusive education that provides equal opportunities for all our students.

Sharon Coffey


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