School Rules

The following is a list of the rules/regulations of Colaiste Aindriu.

  • The school uniform consists of blue shirt, striped tie, navy pullover, grey trousers for boys and navy trousers for girls. This will be monitored on a daily basis. If a student is not wearing the full uniform for any reason, he/she must present a note signed by his/her parents/guardians to the Principal/Deputy Principal.

  • Full attendance is expected at all times. In the event of absence a written reason signed by parents/guardians must be given to the Deputy Principal.

  • Students are expected to be polite, courteous and obedient to members of the school staff at all times.

  • Students are expected to be on time for school and all classes during the day.

  • Chewing Gum: The use of chewing gum in school is strictly forbidden.

  • Smoking in the school or school environment is strictly forbidden.

  • Morning & Lunch Breaks: The following areas are out of bounds to all students: All Classrooms & Rear Hall

  • Upper Corridors are out of bounds to male students. On days when the weather is fine, students are to remain outside.

  • Moving To and From Classes: Students must walk quietly and in good order from one classroom to another. They must use the left-hand side of the stairways and corridors.

  • Students are expected to treat all school property with care and respect. All students have been informed that the strongest action will be taken against students, who through carelessness, deliberation or otherwise, cause damage to desks, tables, chairs, walls etc.

  • Students who do not go home at lunch-time or who have not received permission to go down town must remain on school premises or grounds. Special permission will only be granted if parents specifically request it in writing and then, only on condition that, having had their lunch, the student returns immediately to the school.

  • Queuing for buses: Students must queue in an orderly fashion on the paths and must wait for the bus to stop before they board.

  • No student is to become involved in fighting or bullying or in injuring any student or in damaging his/her property.

  • Mobile Phones to be switched off during class times.