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PE Expo

By SchoolWise Administrator on 14/03/2018

PE Expo winner

Coláiste Aindriu had two entrants in the All Ireland National PE Expo competition held on the 7th of March in DCU. The competition has 7 sections covering all areas of the PE syllabus :Wellbeing Physical, Mental and Social , Power of Sport Inclusion and Cultural, Games development and teaching games for understanding, Components of fitness and health, Sport Psychology, ICT and sports Photography and nutrition. Coláiste Aindriu entered two sections Wellbeing and Components of fitness.

Hannah Ferry’s project on wellbeing Titled “ Butts With Attitude “ focused on the changing female form down through history and how young female adults are influenced by social media and reality TV stars their shape, what they wear and what they do.

This led to the project where she researched the squat exercise which is the main exercise that is used to builds Gluteus Maximus, types of squat, common faults to be aware of and a set of exercises that could be included in a lower body exercise routine to have a balanced exercise programme. She also analysed some of the many fitness influencers that are watched worldwide and identified the best to follow

Hannah won the overall senior section judged by her peers. Well done Hannah

Joan Oliver researched a project in the Skill Components of Fitness section;

“Agility, balance and endurance” and Identified specific drills that could be included in all games training that require these skills in order to improve the squad’s fitness. Well done Joan.