Discipline and Attendance


Our policy is to approach discipline as positively as possible. Each student and parent/guardian is required to sign a 'Contract of Learning and Behaviour'. Each student also receives a Personal Record Book and fell details of their school record will be kept in that book. This will keep parents/guardians informed on a daily basis of the progress of their child. Records of Merit can be earned by students for effort and hard work. A student may be suspended for repeated or serious breaches of the school rules.

Attendance & Punctuality

Under the Education Welfare Act, parents/guardians are legally obliged to ensure that their children attend school regularly until they are 16 years of age. If they are absent, a written explanation, signed by parents/guardians, must be sent to the school. It is very important for their educational development that students attend regularly and punctually. If a student does not attend assembly they will be marked absent and parents/guardians may be contacted by phone.