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The need for regular attendance is necessary from all students in order for students to reach their full potential and to meet our responsibilities as outlined in our mission statement.



The policy aims:

To foster self-reliance, cooperation and responsibility in students in relation to attendance.

To maintain a positive attitude towards full attendance from all students and their parents/guardians.

To maximise attendance on a daily basis from all students.

To maintain the students attendance for the entire school day.

Policy Content:

Class teachers will input roll call on VSware first class in morning and afternoon classes.

Students that miss the morning or afternoon roll call during assembly must sign the “The Late Book” in reception.

Subject Teachers record class attendance in the Teacher’s Journal and monitor punctuality for each student.

A text is sent to parents/guardians of students who are absent and who have not signed the “Late Book”.

The Attendance Officer deals with students who are missing classes or are persistently late for class.

The Attendance Officer keeps a record of poor attendance and punctuality and brings concerns to the attention of the Pastoral Care Team and to the attention of parents/guardians.

The Attendance Officer sends a letter to the parents/guardians of students who are absent from school for fifteen days. The Attendance Officer also sends attendance letters after each ten-week block.

The total number of days absent is included on all school reports to parents/guardians.

The Pastoral Care Team may ask the SCP and/or the HSCL Coordinator to address and support students/parents where attendance is a concern.

Concerns over a student’s attendance can be referred to the EWO after the Attendance Officer, Pastoral Care Team, SCP and HSCL have intervened.

A report is sent to NEWB at relevant times of the year in relation to students who have missed twenty days from school.

Students under 18 years of age who are collected from school during the school day are required to have a parent/guardian sign the “Sign-out Book” for them.

Parents/Guardians are advised that family holidays, part-time work, medical appointments etc. should be arranged outside of school hours and should not interfere with the students’ attendance at school.

Roles and Responsibilities

Subject Teacher:

·         Takes the roll call in class and monitors punctuality.

·         Fills out a “Late Slip” for students who are late for class.

·         Provides feedback to the Attendance Officer on concerns regarding attendance or punctuality.

Attendance Officer:

·         Oversees morning and afternoon roll call.

·         Receives letters and telephone calls from parents/guardians on matters of student absence.

·         Keeps a record of poor attendance.

·         Monitors the “Late Book” and students absences.

·         Sends daily texts and makes phone calls to parents/guardians of students who are absent from school.

·         Sends letters home re. absenteeism.

·         Briefs the Pastoral Care Team on any concerns about student attendance and punctuality.

·         Attends meetings with parents/guardians and the EWO on student attendance.

·         Completes DES register of all enrolled students.

·         Sends required reports to NEWB


·         Completes and signs the absence note/slip in the Student Journal on return to school.

·         If the student is being collected from school during the school day, the parent/guardian must sign out the student from the reception office if they are under 18 years of age.

·         Arrange family holidays, medical and other appointments outside of school time.

·         Attend meetings as requested about son/daughter’s attendance at school.


·         Must attend all classes on a daily basis and be on time for class.

·         Absence note/slip to be given to the Attendance Officer on the first day of returning to school after an absence.

·         Sign the “Late Book” if late for roll call.



Date: November 2018


Parties Consulted: Teachers and Parents/Guardians


Communicated To: Students, Teachers and Parents/Guardians



Date ratified by Board of Management: _________________________



Signed:  _____________________________________

               Chairman B.O.M.