Home School Liason

We have a Home School Liaison (H.S.L.) Co-ordinator, whose job it is to encourage and develop the relationship between home, school and community agencies in promoting the educational interests of our students. The H.S.L. Co-ordinator works with parents and encourages them to become more involved in their children’s learning. The H.S.L. Co-ordinator has established a Home School Committee which involves parents, teachers, students as well as representatives from local communities. They work together on issues which affect the school community.

Healthy Eating

We encourage healthy eating within our school. All food on offer at lunch are healthy options. We encourage our students to use these facilities and ask parents/guardians to support our efforts. We have drinks and snacks available in vending machines and in keeping with our policy these only contain healthy options. The school also runs a breakfast and lunch club for all students.